Our Story

I learned the art of dry fly fishing in the small mountain streams of Colorado. Tennis shoes, cut-offs, pole and a good fishing bag were the required equipment needed to navigate the bushes, limbs, rocks and moving water. When it came time to replace the bag I had used since teenage years there was nothing comparable.

I tried the new standard; a fishing vest. It had pockets, D-rings and straps for tackle, but nowhere to put my sandwich, beverage or rain gear. It was too hot in the summer and didn’t work with a jacket in the winter. All the vest’s weight rested square on my shoulders. I designed the FISK BAG based on the fishing bag I had as a teenager.

I reworked the size to a perfect fit for a long day of fishing. A combination of waist and shoulder straps takes the weight off the shoulders and places it on the hips. A quick-release waist strap adjustment quickly transfers the bag from your back, when fishing, to front, when using the rod holder and workstation.

I added new features that make it one of a kind: magnetic snap closures, rod holder, magnetic workstation for changing out flies and a sheepskin drying patch — attributes so unique, they received a US Patent.


Owner, TimesNine